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DE UMP M89 Laser Scope Airsoft Gun Review

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In this review we will be looking at the Double Eagle UMP M89 Airsoft rifle. It is a very popular rifle, as seen in many movies and television shows. The UMP which is short for Universal Machine Pistol, is a lighter and smaller successor to the MP5. The UMP has been adopted by many agencies such as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This airsoft replica is a great replica of the real UMP, which will help you complete your load out.


First Impression:

The gun comes in a full color box, now when I say box I mean a Styrofoam tray with a card board cover. Once you open the cover you see that the gun comes with plenty of accessories, such as a red dot scope, flashlight, and a sling. When you pick up the gun you can feel the weight of the gun and you notice the overall quality of the construction of the gun and the lack of quality in the accessories.


What’s Included:

The gun includes obviously the gun, and a red dot scope, flash light, sling, battery, charger, and manuals. The battery is a 8.4 volt stick type battery, and a standard wall type charger both of which have a small type connector. The accessories are very low quality such as those you would get with entry level LPEG guns made by Double Eagle (DE). The gun comes with a 300 round high capacity magazine, which is compatible with the G&G version, giving you enough ammunition to last the majority of a game, that is unless you are just hosing the field.


Gun Specifications:

Length Folded 18 in / Overall 27 1/2 in
Weight Loaded 8 lbs
Battery 8.4 volt 1100 mah Stick type
Charger Standard wall type
FPS 366 w/ .20g BB’s
ROF 11.1 RPS on a 7.4v LiPo Battery
Mag Capacity 300 Rounds
Rails Tri Rail System on hand guard
Inner Barrel 90 mm

The Breakdown

  • Externals 3

The gun is extremely durable and made of a sturdy polymer. It also has full metal rails on the top of the upper receiver as well as the rails on the bottom and the sides of the hand guard. The gun has a folding skeleton stock that has a slightly loose hinge, which has a weak locking mechanism. The gun does not have any real steel trades, but it does have trades from DE.

The dust cover sticks from time to time, which was found to be caused by a misalignment of a rail on the inside of the gun. However the dust cover can be locked open two different ways. One is with the charging handle, which is very similar to that of the MP5. Once you slide the charging handle back and flip it up, it will hold the dust cover open providing you easy access to the hop up unit.

There is also a bolt release on the left side of the gun. Now this bolt release seems to be cosmetic because the bolt does not engage on its own. However if you pull the dust cover back on its own then push the bottom side of the dust cover, it will lock into place. Again providing you easy access to the hop up unit, this is a great thing when in the middle of a fire fight.

The gun has four sling points, one of them located at the rear of the receiver near the folding stock, another is located above the magazine well, which when looking at the real steel rifle it does not have this sling point. The final 2 are located on the very front of the gun on the bottom of the hand guard. Now the odd thing about the sling points is they are not HK hooks as one would expect from a HK replica, but they will work with that style sling or any one point sling for that matter.

The gun features an adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight. One thing about the gun that stands out is the loose selector switch that makes it tough to tell if it actually locks into semi auto or full auto. The gun does have a functioning mechanical safety, that I must say makes it that much safer, so even if the selector switch fails, as long as it gets into safety the trigger will not move.


  • Power 3

This gun boasts decent performance which is partially due to the 8.4 volt stick type battery that installs into the upper receiver. However it is not able to accept anything bigger than the 8.4 volt that comes with it. You are able to fit a 7.4 volt LiPo battery. We were able to get a good FPS from the gun, at a rate of 366 FPS. Making the gun pretty close to CQB ready, make sure before you go to a field that you know what the field has as requirements.


*All testing was done with a 7.4 LiPo battery

The ROF with the stock 8.4 battery was only 5.2 rounds per second (RPS), but I was able to get a solid 11.1 RPS. This is a fair rate of fire for this gun. It could get more if it were properly upgraded with high speed gears and other upgrades.

  • Build Quality 3.5

The overall construction of the gun it solid with a polymer upper and lower receiver that give the gun a solid feel with no creak and the only rattle is coming from the dust cover. The rails on the gun are full metal and will accept a multitude of accessories. The folding stock can be a bit loose when folding it over to the closed position. The magazine is of the same polymer that the upper and lower receivers are made of and is very well assembled. The winder on the magazine does not have a loose feeling to it, making the magazine feed perfectly.


  • Internals 4

The gun has a full metal version three gearbox with full metal gears and a full metal hop up assembly. The gear box is very durable and easy to work with as you would expect with any version three metal gearbox. As with standard version 3 gearboxes it has housing for the motor, in this case the motor is a short type, providing you with many options for possible upgrades.

The hop up assembly has a slide style adjustment similar to that of an AK 47, making it easy for upgrades to be performed on the hop up bucking as well. The 90 mm inner barrel was is in dire need of an upgrade as it is a 6.06 mm diameter. The barrel has a rather stiff spring around it helping to make a solid seal between the nozzle and the hop up assembly.


  • Performance 4

When testing the gun we found that the overall performance was good as it gave a decent level of FPS but a less than stellar rate of fire. While the gun was accurate out of the box, it is always a good idea to improve the performance of the accuracy as the groupings were not as strong as one would want out of the gun.

The gun did not have any issue feeding BB’s and fortunately we were able to test it with the G&G brand magazines. The G&G magazines did not have any feed issues either; keep in mind DE also has additional magazines. Thus you should not have any issues with finding additional magazines. The gun continued to perform through every test we threw at it, making this gun a good performance gun.



The gun has a very solid construction that makes you enjoy the feel of the gun. The polymer used for the externals of the gun give the gun a great feel, and even though usually when we think of a plastic gun we think of the cheap entry level LPEG’s. This gun is the total opposite of those guns. The dis-assembly of the gun is very simple and similar to the G36. It has only 2 pins to disassemble the upper from the lower, making the gun extremely easy to work on.


The gun has a few problems but nothing to stop anyone from buying the gun. One of them is that fact that the dust cover gets stuck and the motor adjustment screw is extremely loose. The gun comes with a wide array of accessories. However, the accessories are very low quality and I would suggest buying a higher quality optic if you intend to use one.


The gun is a good buy, with the full metal internals and decent performance. Keep in mind that the FPS on the gun is still higher than most CQB arenas may allow. So you may have to down grade the gun, to get to the proper FPS for some fields. The gun is a true performer which means you will be happy with it as a part of your collection. Still the accessories that are  included are not worth keeping with the gun as they are like those that would come with most entry level guns, nothing to expect to be accurate. This is truly a quality gun to buy that has many benefits. Well worth the purchase!




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