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JG SL8-4 Airsoft Sniper AEG Gun Rifle 6689 Review

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In this review, we go over one of the newest marksman rifles in the airsoft industry. It is the JG SL8-4. This gun is based on the H&K SL9 sniper rifle, a rifle that is based off of the very popular G36 also by H&K.  H&K has made many variations of the gun, thus making it available to multiple markets, including airsoft.

First Impression:

Upon receiving the gun, we see the box is like any other standard JG gun box; plain brown with a 3 color label on the box indicating what was inside. On the inside the gun is well packed in foam to protect it during shipping. The foam has cut outs preventing movement of any of the accessories from moving around. The gun has a good weight; it is not too heavy for the average shooter, nor is it so light that the experienced player is not going to want to use it. It is a happy medium.


The feel of the thumb hole stock and the ambidextrous fire selector are a dream to work with. Overall, it has just the right amount of sniper design along with assault rifle, perfect for any shooter.

What’s Included:

The gun comes with everything you would normally expect to get with an AEG, such as the battery, charger, magazine, and the manual. The battery is a 8.4 1100 mah, giving you decent power. Along with the other items in the box, you will also receive 5 additional stock spacers that are each ½ an inch. The manual that comes with this gun is listed as a G36c manual. Please note this is not a mistake as the gun is based on the G36c as the gun shares the same gearbox and upper receiver not to mention a majority of other internal components. This manual will provide you with the basics to get started with the gun.


Gun Specifications:

Length Collapsed 36 in / Overall 39 in
Weight Loaded 10 1/2 lbs
Battery 8.4 volt 1100 mah Small type
Charger Standard wall type
FPS 384 w/ .20g BB’s
ROF 11.1 RPS on a 7.4v LiPo Battery
Mag Capacity 20 Rounds
Rails 3 inch rail located on the top of the carry handle
Inner Barrel 510 mm

The Breakdown


  • Externals 4

The gun over all has great externals; the body is made of a high grade polymer providing a durable solid gun. The front hand guard has a built in bi-pod, which in all honesty could be better. The sight that is built into the carry handle and is a nice addition to the gun. However, the optic is not as clear as you would like and it is difficult to zero it in to be accurate. The gun has very small iron sights that are basically useless.


The lower receiver is great! JG carried the polymer they used for the upper throughout to the lower receiver. This not only keeps with the design of the real weapon, but it cuts down on the weight for the shooter. The externals on this gun are very modular, making it very easy to change out the hand guard or the carry handle to make the rifle more of what you would want it to be. The built in removable cheek rest is a welcomed addition.

  • Power 5

This gun has a decent FPS coming in at 384 with a .20g AirSplat BB which, unfortunately, makes this gun a field gun and not a CQB gun. The design of the gun is not something that you would want to use in a CQB environment anyway because of its length. The gun comes with a 8.4 volt battery, but we still decided to do the testing with our 7.4 LiPo battery pack that was able to provide a good ROF of 11.1. Our 11.1 ROF is great, considering that the gun itself has a hefty spring to hit an FPS of 384 out of the box.


*All testing was done with a 7.4 LiPo battery

The installation of the battery was quite simple, just like the majority of the G36 variants on the market. The battery installs in the front hand guard and it has plenty of room to fit most 9.6 nun chuck batteries as well as most LiPo battery packs

  • Build Quality 4.5

Over all the build of this gun is superb; there are no rattles that are common with airsoft guns and no cracks like you would normally get from a solid polymer body. From the butt stock to the hand guard, the complete construction is great. There are a few things that are left to be desired, i.e. a sturdier bipod (this one is flimsy and feels like it will break the first time you get the gun out on the field.) The attention to detail goes right down to the build quality as the teardown for the gun is almost identical to the actual firearm. There are only a few pins to pull the gun apart to either access the internals or swap out optional parts to customize the gun, like an M4 conversion mag well.


  • Internals 5

The high quality in this gun is carried over into the internals of the gun. It has a full metal version 3 gearbox that houses a full metal gear set. The motor is a short type as you would expect from a version 3 gearbox The hop up chamber is a plastic unit that is decent for use, but if you are going to do some serious upgrading I would suggest eventually upgrading the hop up unit. The wiring is decent for a factory unit with 14 gauge wires, allowing you to use a 7.4 lipo. Everything about the internals is great; they function as they are supposed to do and they will keep you performing as you should for a long time to come.


  • Performance 5

As one would expect the gun performed with out any issue, it was able to feed with any mag we threw at it, either the factory 20 round magazines, a 450 round high capacity G36 mag, as well as a PMAG style mid cap magazine for the G36. The gun feeds just as well with the M4 conversion mag well installed; it was able to fit the gambit of M4 magazines that we have to throw at it like in some of our previous reviews.


The gun has great trigger response to send plastic down range with no hesitation. We were able to utilize the accuracy of the gun, once we put a better scope on the gun. Man-sized targets at 25 yards were no issue to hit. At 25 feet we were able to keep a grouping of 4 inches.



This gun seems to have everything you need; it is a durable sniper with the ability to go as an assault rifle. With it being able to fit a G36 magazine of almost any variation, as well as accept an aftermarket part that will make it fit an y M4 magazine as well, it just performs above my expectations. The body has a feel that I am happy to have when I am on the field in either a sniper role or field role. It features internals that are TM compatible making the gun easy to work on and easy to upgrade, making the gun perfect for any shooter all around.



The only minor issues we had with this gun were in the quality of the factory bipod and the scope or optic. The bipod has a feeling like it is going to break off the gun as soon as you post up in game. And as far as the scope is concerned it isles than to be desired as it will not focus clearly and is very hard to adjust. I would suggest seeing about modifying the carry handle to hold a scope or alternate optic.



All in all this gun has a feel like it belongs in my arsenal. The JG SL8-4 is modular, meaning it will work with a vast variety of G36 parts as well as some conversion parts that are on the market for it. This will give you the ability to customize the gun what you envision it to be. Overall, this gun is a top performer that has plenty of features, making the gun a great addition to anyone’s arsenal.


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