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KWA H&K USP MK23 SOCOM Airsoft Gas Gun Pistol Review

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We are reviewing the KWA HK USP MK23 SOCOM pistol. This is a true hand canon, not to take anything away from the Desert Eagle, but this gun is massive, truly massive! The designation SOCOM comes from the fact that the pistol was adopted by the United States Special Operations Command or (U.S.S.O.C.O.M.) While the designation typically refers to the complete system that includes a suppressor, a laser aiming module, and the pistol, the designation often refers to the pistol on its own as well.

First Impression:

To generalize the first impression of the gun in a word; WOW! When you open the box you are overwhelmed by the beautiful appearance of the weapon. The feel of the gun in your hands is by far wonderful; every part of the gun just feels right. All the controls line up into the most ergonomic positions possible. Beyond anything else you are extremely aware of the sheer size of the gun. It is not meant fosr small hands! For the best description possible, simply go with “Hand Cannon”!


What’s Included:

Included with this gun are the items you would expect to see from KWA, such as the manual and warranty cards. You also receive the gun, one magazine, and a small sample bag of BB’s about 100. You will also receive a small bottle of silicone oil to lubricate the gun as well as the famous KWA hop up adjustment tool.


Gun Specifications:

Length 9 5/8 inches
Weight 3 lbs
Propellant Green Gas
FPS 398 w/ .20g BB’s
Mag Capacity 25 rounds
Rails One HK rail on the lower receiver
Inner Barrel 5 inches

The Breakdown

  • Externals 5

The gun has impeccable externals that make the gun look and feel as close to the real thing as you can get without a gun license. The gun features highly detailed real steel trades on the slide as well as trades being milled into the lower receiver on almost every angle of the gun. The lower receiver features grips that are textured for perfect grip on the gun. The lower is made of a high grade polymer that is as close to the real thing as possible, while the slide is metal. It is made of aluminum so it is not too heavy. The slide features a moving extractor; it does nothing for the airsoft gun. But it does show that KWA pays great attention to detail.


The outer barrel is made of plastic, as is the normal from most KWA gas pistols. The orange tip is threaded, but the threads are not standard -14mm threads that you have come to know on the majority of airsoft guns. This one is a -16mm thread. So you can add a suppressor to the gun, but you will have to either find the specific suppressor that is not the easiest item to find. Or you can purchase a -16mm to -14mm thread adapter to use standardized size suppressors. We have found that the suppressor that is included with the Y&P Non blowback TM replica of the HK USP MK23 will fit with the gun.


  • Power 4.5

The gun has an amazing kick, which can be a bit on the violent side as you are shooting the gun. When you fire the gun you can hear the spring recoiling inside the nozzle. The gun has an amazing FPS, the highest being 398 and the lowest at 327. Overall this gun will have more than enough power for what you will need. Keep in mind that the FPS may be too high for the use in most indoor arenas.


*All testing done with AirSplat Green Gas

  • Build Quality 5

The gun looks beautiful and the build quality is what helps the true beauty of the gun. The slide is made of high grade aluminum with laser etched trademarks. The Lower is a high grade, high impact polymer that will stand up to the most clumsy of airsofters. The overall build quality can be seen and heard in the fitment of the gun and the lack of the common rattle that gas blowback pistols are known for. There is one slight rattle that comes from the hammer at the rear, but it is not enough to pay attention to.


  • Internals 5

As we went over the internals we found that the inner barrel is similar to that of the other KWA pistols, and is made of black chromed steel. The recoil spring is actually three recoil springs–that’s right, three springs. Remember this gun is extremely large and needs a lot of power to move the massive slide. The nozzle is made of plastic, with a metal piston. The seal around the piston head is not too tight, but not too loose either. You would probably get a higher FPS if you were to use a tighter seal or used the Teflon tape trick to fill the gap. It is not needed though as the gun performs perfectly as is.


  • Performance 5

This gun truly performs as it has the NS2 gas system that makes it provide the best gas efficiency on the market. Where a standard gas pistol such as the KJW USP will hold enough gas in the magazine to fire the entire 25 rounds, this gun on one fill of green gas will get 2 or 2 ½ full mags per fill up, making this gun one of the most efficient guns on the market! With the gas efficiency you will be hard pressed to need additional magazines. However, extra magazines are available for purchase.


The gun has a truly an impeccable appearance, making you want to pick it up and hold it forever. The weight of the gun is not too heavy, making is easy to wield during combat. It fires smoothly, giving you consistent performance on and off the field (thanks to the NS2 gas system.) From top to bottom the gun has all the features that most airsofters would want in a gun, especially with the lower receiver featuring a functioning decoker and safety. The entire lower receiver has the some amazing milling showing off the HK trades. The lower receiver features an extended trigger guard that allows large or gloved fingers.



While the gun has many pro’s to it there are a few draw backs, these are minor things that are easily resolved but still they are things can be frustrating. One of them is the fact that you cannot use standard picatanny rail accessories, as the USP features the HK rail. Now you can purchase a USP rail adapter that makes it so you can add anything you would like to the gun, or you can get the actual lasers or flash lights such as the Wilcox system. Another drawback is the fact that the gun’s massive stance makes it nearly impossible to find the proper holster for it.


This gun is a true joy to shoot from start to end everything about it is just what you would want out of an airsoft gun. The size of the gun makes this gun truly intimidating to anyone that may come across the gun in game, which will be sure to give you that next level of “Bad Ass” that you want when you load up. KWA did everything they could to make this gun as realistic as possible. This gun performs to standards higher than any airsofter would expect. This is definitely a must add to anyone’s airsoft arsenal, making this gun a true Universal Shooters Pistol.


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