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WE Bulldog Airsoft Pistol GBB Silver Review

Overall Score



Build Quality




This review is on the WE Bull Dog, also known as the Beretta Px4 subcompact. This is the counterpart of the WE Px4 full-size pistol that was released a couple years ago. According to Beretta, the Px4 subcompact is the most advance subcompact sidearm in existence. Now I will not be able to attest to that fact, but I will be able to let you know if the airsoft gun will cut the mustard.

First Impression:

The first thing I saw when I picked this gun up was the box and the fact that is has a white bulldog with his tongue hanging out on it. Definitely not what I was expecting to see! Now past the box I looked inside and there were a lot of loose parts. Now it is not to say that the gun was not assembled, they are optional parts. The gun includes additional back straps for you to pick what will fit your needs. The gun has a hefty weight for being a subcompact. It feels good in your hand and it is one of those guns that no matter who picks it up they like how it feels.


What’s Included:

Once you open the box you will see six back straps, one of them is installed on the gun. In my case it was the large grip. You get 3 black and 3 pink. I like that WE is including the pink parts in with the gun. This will give anyone that wants the gun the opportunity to modify the gun as they see fit. You will get two magazines, a 24 and a 13 round mag. Other than that you will also get the standard manual from WE, not to mention the gun itself.


Gun Specifications:

Length 7 1/2 inches
Weight 2 1/2lbs
Propellant Green Gas
FPS 284 w/ .20g BB’s
Mag Capacity 24 & 13 Rounds
Rails One rail on the lower receiver
Inner Barrel 3 inches

The Breakdown

  • Externals 4

What can I say about the externals except for BRILLIANT! The gun has a polished silver slide that has serrations on the front and rear to ease in the act of racking from any angle. The gun feature a working de-cocker in the safety switch, similar to that of the HFC USP Compact. The polymer lower receiver feels as close as you would want it to be with the real gun. The gun has texture all over it helping to provide better grip on the gun.


The rail that is on the lower receiver is very small, and you will be lucky to find a laser that will mount to it. I know a flashlight will not fit how one would hope. The slide lock is very sturdy and the tear down lever is full metal. Overall the externals of the gun make it a sound investment.


  • Power 3

The FPS on this gun is not to terribly high it is in the same ball park the WE is known for. Just under the 300 FPS market. The highest FPS this gun reached was 284 with a .20g BB. The lowest the shot during testing was 259 FPS. The kick that the gun has is truly astonishing for the size of the gun, especially with a metal slide.


*All testing done with AirSplat Green Gas

  • Build Quality 4

All the parts of this gun were solidly built, from the back straps to the outer barrel. Everything has great quality as you would expect from a WE pistol. The gun has no rattle at all, and that is a surprise. Almost all guns have a rattle to it. This is what happens when there are metal and plastic parts. On the external mag they included a mag spacer to extend the grip to make the gun easier to handle if you run the larger magazine.



  • Internals 4

This gun has great internals from the nozzle to the seals everything that WE intended it. One thing that I wish they had done was put a better barrel in the gun. As it is only 3 inches. They could have put in a tight-bore to try and get a more accurate gun. The hop up is standard like on most WE guns.


  • Performance 4

The performance of the gun surprised me. I was sure that due to the heavier feel and the lower FPS it was not going to be one of the guns I just don’t want to put down. It got through the 24 round magazine and I had no issues with the 13 round one as well. The gas efficiency is not as good as some others on the market. The fact that the FPS is not too high is a good thing then you will always be ready for a CQB field.


The gun has such a look to it you are going to get attention on the field with it. Keep in mind this is a subcompact that means smaller that the G19 or G23 guns. The gun has a great feel in your hand which is attributed to the mag grip sleeve that was included with it. This gun also boasts three dot sight and they are glow in the dark.



The guns FPS is not too high and it could be better. Now the tear down on this gun is not easy. The slide lock lever needs to move to be able to pull the slide off. You need to pull the slide back and use the slide lock to lock it in place. Then you flip the tear down lever, now pull the lever out of the lower receiver. Then the slide will come 3/4 of the way off then you lift it off the lower receiver.  It is truly a shame that the manual will not say anything regarding this.



This gun has plenty of features that make it a good buy. The FPS is not too high nor too low. The gun kicks like a mule. It comes with 2 mags and 6 back straps. That alone is worth some money. The glow in the dark sights was a nice touch from WE to have included. I think it about makes the gun. Overall, the gun is a great buy!  From top to bottom it is everything you would expect to see from a powerful high quality airsoft pistol.


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