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WE Xtreme 3.8 Compact Airsoft GBB Pistol Review

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This review is on the WE Xtreme Compact Pistol. It is an almost perfect replica of the Springfield Armory XDM (X-treme Duty More). The real steel pistol this airsoft gun is replicating is the .45 ACP caliber version with the additional back straps for comfort.


First Impressions:

When we got the gun the first thing we noticed was the high detail on the box which is a change from WE’s normal plain brown box with black printing that we have come to know from the majority of their guns that they produce. Once we opened it we were able to see the beautiful trades on the gun and all the detail work in the milling to match the real firearm. As well as on all the additional parts that come with the gun, everything was packed nicely in its Styrofoam tray inside the box, which keeps everything snug in its place and well-protected for shipping.

What’s Included:

With this gun you receive 2 magazines, one of which is the compact 13 round that fits perfectly with the lower receiver to make the gun truly ergonomic. It comes with an additional secondary magazine that holds 26 rounds, yet the magazine will not fit flush with the lower receiver unless you install the mag well sleeve to make the gun have a complete finish. The gun comes with a total of 3 mag well sleeves and 2 additional back straps for every level comfort for every shooter.


Gun Specifications:

Length 7 inches
Weight 2 lbs
Propellant Green Gas
FPS 289 w/ .20g BB’s
Mag Capacity 13 Rounds, 26 rounds
Rails One rail on the lower receiver
Inner Barrel 3.8 inches

The Breakdown

  • Externals 4

The gun has a metal upper receiver with real steel and highly detailed trades milled directly into the slide. The lower receiver is made of a polymer as the real fire arm would have and has all the matching milling as the slide does. The gun features a 3 dot sight set up, making target acquisition extremely easy. When you change to the 26 round magazine that is included with the gun and you have installed the proper mag well sleeve to match the back strap, it gives the gun a full size feel and the mag capacity to go with it.

Beyond the cosmetics of the gun it has features on it that make this a true replica, one of which is the grip safety. If you are familiar with a 1911 or the XDM for that matter, you know that the gun has a grip for passive safety. This makes it so that the gun cannot be fired unless you have a firm grip on the gun. This feature is great but just as the real steel XDM, as well as the glock series of guns, this gun has a trigger safety so you will have to make sure you pull the trigger properly.

And to finish off how safe this gun is, WE included a frame based safety that is located on the lower receiver in the middle of the rails. It is a silver tab that looks like a serial number. Now don’t let this fool you–if your trigger will not move at all it is most likely this safety–but be warned that it is a stiff lever to move. Another great thing that was carried over to this gun was the ambidextrous mag release, making this gun easy to manipulate for any shooter. Among the gun’s features, it also has a locking slide and a tear down lever like the real XDM.

  • Power 3

We were able to get its FPS at a max of 289 and the lowest at 275. Now remember that the FPS can range depending on the ambient air temperature, as well as the temperature of the mag, not to mention the amount of gas in the mag. But 289 FPS while the ambient air temp was 65 degrees is not bad. We were using AirSplat brand .20g Bio BB’s and AirSplat’s Green Gas.

*All testing done with AirSplat Green Gas and AirSplat 0.20g BB’s


  • Build Quality 4

This gun has a great feel to it, especially when it comes to the build and finish of the gun. The polymer is solid, with no loose pieces and the pins are fixed into position. The metal slide has a little bit of a rattle, but that is expected from most metal components on gas blow back pistols. The magazines are made of high quality aluminum with plastic mag lips. The magazine’s are double stack based, to provide you with the most ammunition for your buck. The gun has impeccable detail and overall feel.

  • Internals 4

The internals of the gun are what you would expect from a WE brand gun, they are TM based, making repair and upgrade parts easy to find. The nozzle is made of a similar plastic that was used to make the mag lips. The nozzle performs perfectly without any hesitation. The inner barrel is a 6.04 giving you great performance, not that it could not use an upgrade on the barrel to increase the accuracy. The hop is located under the barrel, however to adjust the hop up you will need to remove the upper receiver assembly.


  • Performance 4

The gun performed as to be expected from any gas blowback pistols would. The slide has a crisp kick that makes the gun feel as close to the real thing as you can get. The recoil of the gun is not too much for the shooter to be able to continue on shooting without having to reset before shooting that much.


This gun has a complete feel that you want from a gas blow back pistol, with a polymer frame and metal slide. It comes with 2 magazines, one at 13 rounds and the other at 26 rounds, as well as 2 additional back straps and 3 mag sleeves to complete the grip with the extended magazine. It features an adjustable hop up, and a crisp kick on the blowback. A great feature this gun has is all the safeties that are included, from the grip safety and the trigger safety. There is also the frame safety located on the lower receiver in the middle of the rails.



Over all the gun does not have too many cons but there are a few issues, one of which is the frame safety as it is a good thing that they included the extra safety. But the problem is it is not advertised. So people do not know the safety is there and they get frustrated when they cannot operate the gun.


With this gun you get a solid reliable functioning replica of the Springfield XDM compact pistol that can perform perfectly whether you are using it for tactical training, or in a milsim game. It has plenty of extras that make it worth the purchase price, like the additional magazine as well as back straps. It has a feel that makes you want to get out and do some shooting.




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